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phpbb to bbpress, easy export

  • Hi Guys and Gals

    I have a very small phpbb database but not up and running as many problems i have installed bbpress everything is working fine! (except I forgot about moderation and akismet and within 27 mins of going online it had four spam comments ;) )

    Is there a way I can just see the posts from that phpbb database and then i will copy and paste into my new bbpress installation?

    or is their an easier way? I have xampp runnin locally but tried to move the phpbb files and import the db using phpmyadmin but i get errors.

    Like i said its a v small database and I just need the post text!

    Thanks in advance


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  • chrishajer


    If you have direct access to the database with something like phpMyAdmin, you can view the existing posts. Sounds like the phpBB is not running now, otherwise I would just copy the text from there. Without the software running, you’re going to need to view the posts in the database and copy them from there and paste into bbPress. With a small number of posts, I wouldn’t bother with export and import, just copy them and post new at bbPress.

    hi chrishajer

    after your suggestion i tried to think of a diff way so i installed phpbb via fantastico on a different domain iimported the odl database and then looked through phpmyadmin to see if i could find the posts, success! exported as .csv file and now i have all the data and email addresses ;)

    thanks for your help!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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