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PhPBB to BBPress

  • stinsonowners108


    I have taken over an aviation club website from a guy that had stuff spread all over the place.
    I’m trying to centralize so that I and those after me can easily manage the site.

    I would like to move his phpbb forum to BBPress so I can protect some sections of the forum using MemberPress.

    I used Fivvr to try to get it transferred but the guy didn’t really know what he was doing.

    I have a phpbb backup and need help migrating.

    As an extra challenge, I have a backup from a Yahoo Groups and Facebook group that I would love to migrate into BBPress as well.

    This is a small aircraft owner site with less than about 400 members so my budget is not large, but I would like to work with someone to get it done. is the site. where you can see the Fivvr developer got data into BBPress but its not right.

    My direct email is if you can help.

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