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phpbb Migration Issue

  • Nitac


    Firstly i’d like to say great work on the plugin (well, from what i can see so far) really appreciate all the time and effort you guys must put into something like this.

    Ok… I’ve been running some migration tests from a phpbb forum and I seem to running into issues with the migration stalling with no indication as to where or why it might have failed.

    The migration has successfully brought across user, forums and topics but has stalled on replies, last test I ran i think it got through ~90k rows, I’ve tried stopping and restarting the migration, but eventually it stalls again, plus I had an issue where it started duplicating all the content and another where console was just outputting just dashes (——) instead processing info.

    The forum is about ~150mb which doesnt seem all that big. Is there anything i could be doing to improve performance or potentially something I could be doing wrong?

    WP: 3.5.1
    BBP: 2.3.2

    Looking forward to response. Thanks

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