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phpbb Importer hangs on Calculating Forum Hierarchy (X of X)

  • forumhierarchyhangs


    All right, I’ll make a post. Usually try everything under the sun to troubleshoot things myself, and I’m usually successful, but this one is giving me fits. I’m importing a phpbb 3.1.9 database into the current release of bbPress. I plugged the MySQL database into my local server (it’s my box, I have full access) and pointed the importer at it. No problems up to that point. It creates users, deletes their default passwords, converts the forums, and then just continually tries the “Calculating forum hierarchy (X of X)” step over and over and over. I’ve tried restarting it, clearing previously-imported data, etc. – no dice.

    I can get at whatever files might be necessary to get this working. This is a cluster of a migration on a few levels, so any assistance would be appreciated immensely. 🙂

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