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phpBB importer fails on non-alpha user name?

  • evildrome



    I’m using the phpBB importer and it fails when it reaches the 50th username which is


    Now, I can accept that. I’m not expecting miracles but the logging carries on as if its adding users:

    Converting users (1600 – 1699)

    Converting users (1500 – 1599)

    Converting users (1400 – 1499)

    Converting users (1300 – 1399)

    Converting users (1200 – 1299)

    Converting users (1100 – 1199)

    Converting users (1000 – 1099)

    Converting users (900 – 999)

    Converting users (800 – 899)

    Converting users (700 – 799)

    Converting users (600 – 699)

    Converting users (500 – 599)

    Converting users (400 – 499)

    Converting users (300 – 399)

    Converting users (200 – 299)

    Converting users (100 – 199)

    Converting users (0 – 99)

    If it has bailed out at user 50 then for Gods sake, PLEASE TELL ME !

    Don’t just spew out lies instead.

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  • evildrome


    OK, my original premise was wrong but the results are much the same.

    I will post this here to hopefully prevent anyone else going through the same pain.

    My import didn’t fail because of an inability to deal with non-alpha chars. It failed because I have all the user emails set to

    This is because my import to bbPress started as a Yahoo group and I’m going via phpBB.

    I wanted a way to easily identify the newly added users.

    Anyway, if the email already exists, the converter will carry on.


    Leaving you to guess what the hell went wrong.

    Rather than just output a single line at the end of user import:

    Users Read [x] Duplicates found [x] Users added [x]

    Noted ! Thanks a lot for this.

    Thanks, will look into this for a future version of bbPress

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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