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phpbb Import Question

  • Kolchak


    I’m trying to import a phpbb forum with about 50,000 posts into a local dev site.

    It continually stalls at “Converting topics (4900-4999)”

    I’m trying to follow the instructions here:

    Import Troubleshooting

    which say to make a copy of the db and drop all records except within the offending range and try the import again to isolate the problematic row.

    Should I go into phpbb_topics or phpbb_topics_posted to try and look for the offending problem?

    Once I have the right table, do I then delete the first 4899 rows that appear in the db?

    I’m using the latest WordPress and have tried both bbpress 2.5.9 and 2.6alpha.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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  • Brandon Allen


    If you’re on a test install, you can try turning on WP_DEBUG to see if it gives you anything useful. I also like to turn on WP_DEBUG_LOG, just in case the errors occur before output. This saves all of the errors to wp-content/debug.log.

    Try running the importer with at least WP_DEBUG turned on (I think errors will appear in the live importer box). This should help you get a better understanding of what’s failing.

    If nothing useful appears, then yes, try deleting the first 4899 rows from the offending db table. Sometimes the issue is PHP memory/timeout issues. There are steps taken to prevent these, but the importer process is intensive to say the least.



    Thanks for the suggestion. I turned on WP_DEBUG and the debug log has about 500,000 lines show up. Not sure I can pinpoint through that where the problem lies.

    Just so I’m clear do I delete the first 4899 rows in phpbb_topics or phpbb_topics_posted?

    Thanks again for any assistance.



    Here are the most common errors I’m seeing…

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined index: salt in C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converters\phpBB.php on line 720

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP Stack trace:

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-admin\admin-ajax.php:0

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 2. do_action() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-admin\admin-ajax.php:89

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 3. call_user_func_array:{C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-includes\plugin.php:525}() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-includes\plugin.php:525

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 4. BBP_Converter->process_callback() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-includes\plugin.php:525

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 5. BBP_Converter_Base->convert_users() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converter.php:371

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 6. BBP_Converter_Base->convert_table() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converter.php:885

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 7. call_user_func_array:{C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converter.php:1070}() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converter.php:1070

    [09-Jun-2016 23:17:18 UTC] PHP 8. phpBB->callback_savepass() C:\wamp\www\oshh_testing\wp-content\plugins\bbpress\includes\admin\converter.php:1070

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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