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phpbb -> bbPress success…almost (SQL HELP!)

  • Hi all,

    First time here but long time WP fan, hence moving my forum to bbPress.

    Keeping it short, I have managed (after a LOT of work) to convert our phpbb DB over to bbPress with the aid of the converter from Be warned, I found that it did not convert correctly 100% and required a lot of manual adjustment to the rew sql file – easy if you have a small DB but our has 1500 members and some insane amount of posts and topics.

    Anyhoo, I have managed to get just about everything into bbPress except for the posts. I have them converted and sitting in an SQL file (22Mb) but I can not get the file to load. Every other file has without issue except this. Our upload limit exceeds the file size and MyphpAdmin imports the file but does not actually bring in any data…. in other words, it spends 5 minutes uploading the SQL, tells me that it has successfuly imported the file but with 0 data.

    Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? My members are itching to get going again and this is the only thing holding things up….. it’s a little odd having topics with no posts.


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  • I vaguely remember from setting up bb in localhost and trying to copy my server DB into my local MySQL that PHPMyAdmin wouldn’t take more than 16 Mb when importing. That might well be a setting that can be set somewhere, I don’t know; I can’t find it in its config file, in any case.

    Edit: my localhost version of phpMyAdmin says “Max: 16,384KiB” by the import dialog.

    To get around this if it is the problem, can you live without 1/3rd of the posts? Then you could delete them in the original database via some query and export the remaining 2/3rds. It might be better to hold out for someone with more database-mojo to come along and see if there’s a non-destructive way. :)

    Hey fel64, I might get lynched if I drop off posts… quite a bit of great stuff there.

    My import is up to around 30,000KiB, so that’s not the issue….

    My SQL mojo man is AWOL, hence me coming here to look for some of the good SQL loving ;)

    If it helps…. exact statement from MyphpAdmin on completeion is: “Import has been successfully finished, 0 queries executed.”



    0 queries executed is a normal result after an import. That doesn’t mean it failed (the message by itself doesn’t, I mean.)



    Can you do it from a command line rather than a web interface to avoid the upload problem?

    Can you upload the file and then do something like this on the command line:

    mysql -u UserName -p DBName < TheFullTargetFilePath.SQL

    -p will prompt for the password on the command line

    I imagine there’s probably a -h if you need to specify a different host too.




    Solved how? Please share for the benefit of others. Thanks.


    It’s more the conversion that was the issue. Dunno what it was but when we ran it through the phpBB converter, it basically made a motza of the sql, preventing the posts from being brought into the new DB ( entry double ups, funny characters etc., etc)

    While we have got everything else in with only minor work, we are having to totally hand edit the 370,000 lines that make up the bb_posts sql file as all sorts of strange thing have happened to it.

    It’s all fixable but just time intensive.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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