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  • nizami


    Just lost and regained forums on one of my sites. Host support wrote:

    We had upgraded php to 7.1 earlier this week. It appears that BBPress may not currently be compatible with the latest PHP. We have rolled back to PHP 5.6 and the forums are working again. However, to make sure that all sites are working on the suggested standards set by the WordPress core team, we will be upgrading all instances to PHP 7.1 within the next two months. It is possible that BBPress may make updates improving the compatibility in that time, but it is never a bad idea to be proactive on that front.

    So what’s the deal with BBPRess PHP version compatibility please?

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  • Robin W


    next version of bbpress will fix this, but in the meantime

    3 different fixes – either
    1. downgrade to a lesser version of php
    2. upgrade to bbpress 2.6 RC
    3. in bbpress 2.5.12 go to /includes/forums/functions.php and change line 1851 from
    $meta_query = $posts_query->get( ‘meta_query’ );
    $meta_query = $posts_query->get( ‘meta_query’, array() );
    Since the next upgrade will fix that anyway, no issue in changing the bbpress file
    best I can offer I’m afraid



    I’m also having problems. I can no longer see the topics/replies to the forums. It’s just a blank screen? I am waiting to hear back from the website host re: which PHP version we are on.

    In the meantime could you please clarify the file name in the bbpress plugin where I can change line 1851 and see if this can work.

    Looking forward to your response in due course.

    Robin W


    sorry it’s


    have amended the instructions above !!



    Thanks for the reply Robin…
    Sorry my PHP knowledge is near-zero.
    Are the three fixes you specify alternatives? (i.e. do one, not all of them?)
    Can you say if BBPress will realign with WordPress core PHP requirements within 2 months?



    Robin W


    yes any 1 of these will fix

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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