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Persistant login form

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  • Robin W


    Suggest you add the plugin

    bbpress WP tweaks

    and then use the

    (bbpress) login widget

    added to your sidebar.



    Thank you for your answer Robin W.
    I would rather use the shortcode as I don’t even use a sidebar.
    How come I can’t see the login form through all the views as they are all part of the same WP page (which has the shortcode) ?

    Thank you.



    After 3 months and still not a clue, I come back with my question, hoping this time to get a working answer:

    I have installed the forum and created a template page called “forum.php” embedding a shortcode for the login form and another for the forums list to be displayed.
    The thing is that the login form only appears on the first page of the forum (forums list), but if a visitor is in the “topic” or “reply” page, he will not see the login form anymore and will have to go back to the first forums page in order to login.

    I looked into the login widget but this solution displays the login form everywhere on the website, not only on the forum section. Moreover, this solution forces me to have the login form on the header, footer or sidebar when I want it to be inside the forum area.

    I also looked into the shortcode solution but to be able to put that shortcode you need a page template. And, as far as I know, the template “forum.php” applies to the first page of the forum, not to the “topics/replies” pages which are accessed through the forums list (also a short code).

    Three months and still not a clue.
    It would be nice if you could help me on this one.
    Having the login form on each page of a forum system is not an odd request…

    Thank you.

    PS: the external plugin solution is not relevant for me as it is a mutinlingual website with RTL and LTR languages. Finding a plugin which tolerates so many languages is almost not an option and complicates things for no reason as this request is trivial enough. At least, I hope it is…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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