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Permalink Problems – 301 Redirects Back to Homepage

  • alexjewell5r


    Hi! We have bbpress installed on a relatively large wpengine-hosted wordpress site. Suddenly, about a week ago, all pages started redirecting back to the homepage. Annoyingly, changing the permalink settings back to “Plain” fixes the issue, but that kills our SEO and breaks all hardcoded links back to our forum. We’ve set it to Plain on our production site temporarily, but need Postname permalinks to work again. On our staging site, you can see how any page does a 301 redirect back to the homepage (example: Wpengine support says that our htaccess files look good and are standard, and insist the problem lies with bbpress. They’re adamant the problem relates to a setting within bbpress or with how bbpress is handling permalinks. I’ve tried disabling plugins to see if it’s a conflict of some sort, and the issue persists. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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