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Permalink for Subforums?

  • kandrite



    I can’t seem to find any answers via Google, so maybe you fine folks could help me. I just started delving into bbpress themeing. I’m basically skeletonizing the default bbpress theme so I can start working in depth with it.

    The way I have my forums structured is in three category forums, with variable amounts of subforums. The default theme uses bbp_list_forums to return an unordered list of all subforums of a category. I’ve been messing with the arguments and made each list item separated in its own div. My problem with that is only the text inside the div links to the forum, whereas I would like the entire div to be the link.

    My arguments look like so:

    		<?php bbp_list_forums( array(
    			'before'              => '<ul class="bbp-forums-list">',
            	'after'               => '</ul>',
            	'link_before'         => '<li class="bbp-forum"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><div class="forum-list-item">',
            	'link_after'          => '</div></a></li>',
    			'count_before'        => '<div class="forum-list-item-count"><span class="forum-list-item-topics">Topics: </span>',
            	'count_after'         => '',
            	'count_sep'           => '<br><span class="forum-list-item-replies">Replies: </span>',
            	'separator'           => '<br>',
            	'forum_id'            => '',
            	'show_topic_count'    => true,
            	'show_reply_count'    => true,
    		)); ?>

    Any way I can get the permalinks to the individual subforums?

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  • Xevo


    This is impossible with the standard bbp_list_forums, you’d have to make a custom function for this.

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