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Per-forum moderators

  • Berrie Pelser



    Is it true that if you asign moderaters to a forum they ONLY can Moderate the asigned forum?
    What if there is NO Moderater asigned to a forum can ALL Moderaters then moderate?
    Is there already some documentation on this?


    Berrie Pelser

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  • Berrie Pelser


    Anybody a clue?

    John James Jacoby


    In bbPress 2.6, per-forum moderators will work like this:

    * Users with the global Moderator role will be able to moderate all forums
    * Users assigned as a moderator to a specific forum will act like a moderator in that forum
    * This includes private & hidden forums, where the non-moderator (Participant role) user wouldn’t otherwise even be able to see them at all

    There are weird situations that could come up, but you’d have to be working backwards in both directions to see them. For example, giving someone the “Blocked” user role, but then trying to make them a moderator in a forum, is weird. In these cases, the block wins.

    Berrie Pelser


    Thx a lot John, so if I assign a Participant as Moderater for a forum the Participant will get MOD richts for that specific forum only, richt?



    This isn’t working for me. I installed the 2.6 rc3 after having 2.5.14 installed. I set one user who is just has a participant role as the moderator of a forum in the forum editing screen, but that user is not able to see the topics in the admin UI in order to moderate them.

    Is there anything else I need to do to enable this?

    Robin W


    @shland01 – I’ve answered in the other link, so post that here for completeness

    Specific Moderator per forum?

    and I’ll only update the other one

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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