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Pending Post Notification EMail

  • Pete


    I am using WordPress 6.0.2, bbPress 2.6.9 and my forums are located here.

    I have what I would have thought was a fairly common requirement: I (keymaster/administrtor/moderator) simply want to receive an email notification if a post requires moderation, rather than having to ‘manually’ monitor the Topic/Reply lists through the forum adminsitration screens to see if moderation is required.

    It seems that the ‘bbPress – Moderation Tools’ plugin used to do this, but this plugin appears to no longer be available. I have installed ‘bbPress Notify (No Spam)’ 2.17.6 (bbPNNS), but I seem only to be able to configure this to notify me after the post has been approved, not before, when moderator action is required.

    My problem is not a fundamental problem with notifications. I get email notifications when new users register or when they change their password, and I can configure bbPNNS to send email notification when new topics are posted, but I cannot see how to configure something that will send an email notification when a pending post (Topic or Reply) requires the attention of a moderator.

    There appears to be a plugin that will hold all posts for moderation, and send the desired email notification, but I don’t need, or want, all posts to be moderated.

    I have posted a similar request on the bbPNNS support forum, where this post suggests that this is a standard feature of the bbPNNS plugin, but I cannot see how to configure this capability and thought I may need to be asking my question in a broader forum.

    Can anyone point me to a suitable plugin or instructions on how I might be able achieve this?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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