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Pay Per Thread on selected forums only..?

  • sicky_brazz


    Hi, before i go ahead and start trying to make a car enthusiast site built on my current ideas, i wanted to know if this is possible, and if so, how..?

    1) – Multiple Forums
    I would like to have multiple bbPress forums over multiple WordPress pages, e.g. “general forums” on one WP page, a “buy/sell” forum on the second WP page, a “Services” forum on another WP page etc. and all while having the same login/passwords etc.

    2) – Pay Per Thread
    I would like to charge users a set amount, say maybe 75p to post a thread (not a reply etc.) in the “buy/sell” forums and say maybe 50p to post a thread (again, not a reply etc.) in the “Services” forum so that I make the money to sustain my site from people posting items for sale or offering a helping hand (a “service”) for a smaller fee than a garage etc.

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  • Robin W


    1) just use the

    [bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id] – Display a single forums topics. eg. [bbp-single-forum id=32]

    shortcode on the page to do that

    2) That can all be done using coding, but would require a lot of code and expertise both within bbpress/wordpress and to link it to a payment product to take the money, and you’ll lose a lot of revenue in commission on 75p payments on say payal, who take a 20p a transaction charge as well as 3.4% commission.

    Ballpark say £100-£200 for a coder to write that all for you (without looking that’s the sort of figure I’d expect to charge to write that, but it could be a lot more)

    You would do better to look at a ‘membership’ site plugin, and take a payment per say ten ‘ads’, and use something like ‘bbp notify’ to know when they’ve posted, and a simple excel spreadsheet which you manually update. Then suspend membership or block posting when they have used up their limit.



    2) – Pay Per Thread

    You can use plugin below –
    Premium Topics in bbPress with Bitcoin Payments (with membership expiry time in 1 hour) –

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