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Password mismatch

  • I’ve installed the 0.9.1 last night. Integration with WP went smoothly and fast.

    The problem popped up when i’ve logged on into bbpress with my WP user:pass. It did log me in, but later on attempt to log back into WP said “ERROR: Incorrect password.”

    I’ve reset the WP password, logged in, logged out. Logged into bbpress. Than tried to log in to WP with same password and again “ERROR: Incorrect password.” popped up. So it appears that every time i log into bbpress it messes up the WP password.

    If i change WP password by resetting it, it works. If i edit my user password in WP – bbpress will accept it.

    But if i log into bbpress – WP starts giving me the “incorrect password” message. So bbpress accepts all changes that WP is making to the password, but WP stops accepting the password even after simple login to bbpress with it.

    I use WP 2.3.2, latest BBpress, shared databases, shared cookies. UTF8 on both installations. I use “admin” as a login name.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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