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Password change with 2.5

  • Hey,

    as the password is stored in a different way in WordPress 2.5 (RC1) you can’t log in with bbpress anymore (if u integrated both which i did).

    Until the next version of bbpress comes out, what do I need to update to make this work again?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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  • chrishajer


    I think you might want to get on IRC and try to raise sambauers.

    I’m not sure what the best bbPress revision is for using WordPress 2.5RC1. I think when WordPress 2.5 comes out, there will be a new bbPress release to match up with it. I know WordPress 2.5 was scheduled for March 10th but that’s been held up just a little bit.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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