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Participiant cant to write in forum

  • gregoro


    bbPress is installed on my site here

    When I’m logged in as an admin I can to create new topics and to write in existing ones.
    But when I register as new user I cant to create new topics and cant to write in existing ones.
    I dont see errors. I just push “to create topic” or “to answer”, then page reloads and nothing happens.
    You can see it on this video
    In first part of video I’m using forum as an usual user. At the second part – as an admin.
    According with my tools all new users get the role “participiant”

    I have installed plugins
    GD bbPress Attachments
    GD bbPress Tools

    But even when I turn them off the issue is still alive.

    What can be a reason???
    Really thanks!

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  • Hi,
    I saw that the URL is indicating the new ID (#post-4832), but it is not redirecting it to the same URL like under the admin.
    Thinking of 2 things: Try to change to a default theme, try to change the permalink structure.



    Hi! Thanks for your reply!
    Changing of theme to defauls didnt help…
    URL is really indicating the new ID. But the post or topic with this id doesnt exist. Even if refresh the site – I will not see them(

    About permalinks… What do you mean?
    To change forum permalinks? Or permalinks of all site?
    I have changed the forum root from “forum-syrodelov” to the default “forum”, but it didnt help(



    I’ve found the reason!!!
    All my topics and replies created by participiant are waiting moderation…
    I just go to “topics” in WP-dashboard and see all topics have status “waiting for approval”

    But how to turn off this function? I need participiants can to create new topics without approval…
    P.S. Words in topics were not in black-list or spam-list.

    Ok, good you found that !

    You probably have a plugin that is doing that. Check Aksimet or other, or if you have BuddyPress I think there is something in there too ?


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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