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Participants seeing 404 on forum index

  • WP 3.7.1 BP 1.8.1 BBP 2.5.1 & 2.4.1 this problem seems to keep coming back i have tried everything this time including the repair tools, bbpress advanced capabilities plugin (showing normal permissions), even downgrading the plugin.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I’d suggest you create yourself a test user and go from there:

    Do this with all your plugins disabled except bbPress, BuddyPress and bbPress Advanced Capabilities, I’m also presuming you are not also using S2/Members or any other plugin of this type.

    * Sign up as a new user just as a new user would
    * Now as ‘admin’ check the user role & caps via bbPress Advanced Capabilities (Should be none)
    * Logout & Login as this new user
    * Now as ‘admin’ check the user role & caps via bbPress Advanced Capabilities(Should now be Participant)

    i guess i should have mentioned this was multisite also the domain

    First step: no role not attached to any site.
    Second step: get participant role (all permissions look normal under bbPress Advanced Capabilities) but still cannot view the forums with a 404.

    any other thing i can try here?

    so would i add that line to the themes functions.php to test it?

    also i could be crazy but i don’t think the subscriptions are working properly on this forum i keep trying to subscribe this thread and it doesn’t seem to want to stick.


    so would i add that line to the themes functions.php to test it?

    Yes, if it works or doesn’t work a note on that ticket would also be helpful or any other notes such as any particulars of your setup that may help in tracking this down further would help.

    Subscriptions should be fine, my ~600 subscriptions appear to be working fine :/

    yeah it’s working now (the subscription) i swear i subscribed to this thread at least twice before it started working. i’ll followup on that ticket asap thanks again for all your help!

    so that didn’t work 🙁

    i thought it did at first but i wasn’t checking it properly. i was also hesitant to add too many details of my own problem on that ticket since i wasn’t sure if it was the same problem since the fix didn’t work.

    please let me know if you’d still like me to add more details on that same ticket or if there anything else i can try.


    a few more details on our situation logged out users can see the forum but just not logged in ones. one of my users swears he can see them but when i log in as him i still am not seeing them. :/

    edit: i guess he is using a mobile browser perhaps that has something to do with it trying to get more info.

    ug sorry to bomb but i lost the ability to edit that last post, mobile wasn’t the thing he’s seeing on regular browsers as well but when i log in as him i do not 🙁

    also i figured what’s happening with the subscriptions, at least with this thread i must check off the notification box every time a make a reply or i get un-subbed from the thread with each reply.

    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)



    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    another bit of info:

    whenever i switch themes even the admin users gets 404 error on the forum pages until i go to the main forum settings and re-save the settings. not sure if it’s related or not but thought i would add the info in case anyone wanted to give advice.

    Ben Hansen (ubernaut)


    @netweb any other ideas? thanks either way!

    so i figured out what our problem was, the forums page was assigned to the site admin which i have hidden (through a bp-custom function) i believe that was the cause of the problem for logged in users. feel free to mark as resolved.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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