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Participants can delete single topic tags by removing them from input field

  • ppoirier1995


    Hi there,

    I’m trying to find a solution to the problem of participants being able to remove single topic tags by simply removing them from the “Tags” input field on the reply-to form.

    I’ve found this thread that clearly explains the issue

    Topic tags deleted by other participants

    and offers a solution that is unfortunately not working on my end.

    My form-reply.php currently has this line:
    <?php if ( bbp_allow_topic_tags() && current_user_can( 'assign_topic_tags', bbp_get_topic_id() )) : ?>
    which I tried to replace with:
    <?php if ( bbp_allow_topic_tags() && current_user_can( 'assign_topic_tags', bbp_get_topic_id() ) && current_user_can('moderate') ) : ?>
    to no avail.

    Has anyone solved this issue? Would love some guidance here! 🙂

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  • ppoirier1995


    *replying to myself to see if this same behaviour happens on
    original post tags:
    -participant roles
    -single topic tags
    -topic tags
    -user roles

    this reply’s tags:

    *confirmed to delete the original post tags and replace with the single reply tag. this is the behaviour i’m trying to fix for the site i’m working on! 🙂

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