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Participant can;t see any topics anymore

  • GreenbankAdmin


    I recently went through our forum and removed all the old and non required topics but after I did that the counters on the forums were all wrong. I went tot he recount feature until the tools section and rant he options to recounts and recalculate each forum and topic which all worked fine.

    Now when anyone who is a participant (which is everyone except the admin on my site) tried to view the forums, they get no topics returned. When I login as admin I can see them all. I have changed everyone to be KeyMaster and now they can see them again.

    Any idea what might have happened ? I’ve checked permissions and can see Participant is in there as can view, as is subscriber. Using BBPress 2.5.9 and WordPress 4.5.2 BBPress was installed well over a year ago and has been upgraded with each update when the plugins page tells me to.

    website is but forum is a private members only area behind wordpress.

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