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Parsing Torrent File Content

  • citizenkeith


    I posted this in the bbPress Attachments thread, but thought it would get a little more exposure here….

    I have a small community of musicians who are collaborating on music. We decided to start using bbPress Attachments to share Torrent files. This way, we can use Bit Torrent to share large WAV files (40-100MB each).

    I would love to be able to extend this plugin to display the contents of the torrent file. As it is, one person might share multiple files in one upload and we need a way to navigate the torrents. Since there are ten of us sharing files, you can imagine that it is getting confusing. You have to download every torrent just to find one file.

    I realize _ck_ isn’t working on bbPress Attachments anymore, but am hoping somebody in the community has the ability to add this functionality. I suppose one could even re-use code from bbPress Attachments to write “bbPress Torrent” or something…

    I found some php scripts that will parse torrent data, but I’m no programmer.

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