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Parent/Child membership inheritance

  • paulio



    Should access be inherited in parent/child forum relationships?

    It would make logical sense to me that access should get more restrictive going from parent to child, and less going child to parent.
    In other words, if Forum A is the parent of Forum B, a member of Forum B should automatically have access to Forum A, but a member of Forum A should not automatically have access to forum B.

    Reason being, I have forums for DevTeam 1, DevTeam 2, and DevTeam 3, and I also have a Development forum which is set as the parent of the other three.
    Each of the subforums has a manager that manages membership for their forum, but I want the system to automatically grant access to the Development forum for anyone that has been made a member of one of the subforums.

    Is this the way it should work?
    If not, is there a way of getting it to work like this?

    Many thanks

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