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Paid work offered.

  • youngmoneychina



    Where can i find freelancers who are offering paid work on bbpress.

    I need a specific alteration making and would happily pay for a trustworthy person to implement it.

    Im looking for a way to make a topic or forum only accessible to one user plus admin.

    I have tried various plugins but none seem to offer this.

    I need something like the following:

    Admin creates topic called “john private” and “paul private

    Admin logs in and can see and post in “john private” along with “paul private”

    John logs in and can see and post in “john private” he cannot see “paul private”

    Paul logs in and can see and post his private area but cannot see or post in johns.

    Would be better if each user has a topic or forum area created for them automatically on sign up that only them and admin can see without admin having to manually create each one.

    I will need a large amount of these private areas for customers like John and Paul.

    Question is, where can i find someone to do this?


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  • youngmoneychina


    I have been googlng this for the past 4/5 days trying to find a solution and it seems im not alone.

    There are a lot of people as surprised as me that this function is not available and from what i can read would also be willing to pay for it. If someone wrote a little plugin for this it could be worth their while.

    Surely a way to restrict a forum or topic access cant be that difficult for someone in the know to create?



    I have started work on a plugin very similar (it would let you do this) but the problem I have encountered is not allowing the user to see the forum, I am sure there is something I am overlooking but if I find it, I will let you know.



    Hi Lynq, thanks for the reply.

    I have seen you post on some of the similar topics to this in the past and hoped you would pop your head in.

    So at the moment your plug in acts in the same way as if you password protected a forum but without the need for a password? ie people can see the forum name but if they click it they need to enter a password.

    I need a way of the forum or topic name also being hidden from the users as it contains too much private information and it has to due to the nature of the business i am in.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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