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Pagination Count has a weird quirk?

  • TechHaus


    I haven’t looked into this too deeply, but I believe the behavior is the same on this forum. Since I just started my test forum, it was easy to spot.

    So say I make 3 super stickies or stickies (like, for example, in this Troubleshooting forum), and for this example, i will set my number of topics per page to 25 to match this site’s settings… on the first page, I will see something like what I see on here:

    Viewing 28 topics – 1 through 25 (of 10,507 total)

    If I go to page 2, i will see:

    Viewing 25 topics – 26 through 50 (of 10,504 total)

    So the 3 sticky topicss count towards the total only on the front page. Dpending on how many topics you have set per page – again 25 for this scenario – if someone goes to your last page by number via the pagination on the first page, they could end up at a blank page with no topics!

    For example, currently on page 421 of this forum, there are 4 topics (soon to be 5 after I post this, probably). As you can see above in this post, it says there are 10,504 posts total, 10,500 is evenly divided by 25…leaving a remainder of 4…the 4 posts you see. 22 more posts and we’re onto page 422.

    But On page 1, if the post count read 10,502 (currently is says 10,507 as shown above, but please induldge me on the 10,502 example), then it would show page 421 as it does now ONLY ON PAGE 1. And if i clicked on that page 421, it would be blank, because that pagination count is being created from that total count, it seems, which include the stickies, ONLY ON PAGE 1. In this imaginary scenario, if i were to go to page 2, the last page would turn into page 420, and the option to go to 421, which is actually blank, wouldn’t exist.

    So including the stickies in the total topic count creates a bug on page 1 of pagination in certain scenarios.


    The way i came across this is that I’m starting some new forums and trying to learn the plugin…So i tested 3 stickies…and again, in this scenario, let’s just imagine that I’m allowing 25 posts per page. With the 3 stickies and 48 posts, the front page showed me having a total of 51 posts, and the 3rd page was available to the pagination. When i click on that third page, it is blank and there are only 48 posts, because the stickies are longer being counted. So again, a user can encounter this confusing behavior on page 1!

    Just wanted to see if everyone else is encountering this on their own sites and on here if maybe stickies should be addressed in the function to determine pagination to help remove these exceptions that can cause navigation to a blank page with no topics.

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  • Hi @thebeeobee,

    That looks like a nice bug. Would you be able to add that to , describe in short the issue and the steps to reproduce? Also put a link to this topic.

    Thanks a lot!

    John James Jacoby


    I believe we’ve addressed this in bbPress 2.6, with an improved algorithm for prefetching and slicing sticky topics out of topics queries.

    If this is the bug I’m thinking of, it’s a combination of problems like @thebeeobee eluded to.

    • Super Stickies in other forums
    • Stickies in the current forum
    • Super Stickies in the current forum
    • Adjusting pagination counts to reflect anomalies

    I don’t remember the exact ticket number(s) but we have tweaked this a few times in the past. I will need to look again though, because these forums do run nightly bbPress versions.

    @johnjamesjacoby @jjj thanks for that!

    Do you have a test forum with the topics you described? Would you be able to install 2.6-RC5 and see if it’s solved?

    Thanks a lot!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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