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Paginatioin + Threaded replies and collapse/expand threaded replies

  • gerryj


    Hello bbpress Support

    I have two separate problems but for convenience sake, I’ll just open one topic.
    I am currently in the process of building a Forum for an already existing website.
    The Owner of this website wants threaded replies to be active for this forum so that users can reply to comments more directly. The problem is that as soon as the threaded replies are active the Page pagination just disappears and everything is displayed on one page. I’ve read online that those two features don’t work together on purpose, but why would that be? Nothing in the plugin mentions or even hints to it that these two features wouldn’t work together. Is there any kind of workaround for this or a custom script maybe? I have knowledge of PHP and JS so any kind of help would be appreciated.

    The Next issue is that there seems to be no way to collapse/expand threaded replies. Since the pagination didn’t seem to work I thought collapsing threaded replies would help or else the topic pages would just get crazy long. Is there any code out there that would help me achieve this?

    Any kind of help on even one of these issues would be appreciated.
    I Would like to avoid working in the plugin itself if possible for obvious reasons.

    Thanks in advance
    Gerry Zeller

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  • Robin W


    I am nit a bbpress author, just someine who tries to help out here.

    bbpress has never worked well with threaded replies, sorry that’s just the way it is.

    it is really hard to do pagination with nested replies and make the display work intelligibly.

    If you know js well, then you could do some hide/show in css maybe, not my strong point.

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