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  • xmastrspy


    Hello total noob here. I am having an issue with implementing bbpress forums into WordPress. This is the first time (besides collage 20+ years ago) that I have messed around with websites. So please excuse my ignorance and incorrect terminology.

    Wordpress 3.2.1
    bbPress 2.5.8
    Theme Tesseract 2
    Turnkey WordPress Vmware virtual appliance ip

    The problem I am having is:

    I created a page that would hold my forums called MOUSE (named it mouse to stop confusing myself) so On that edit page for mouse, I added a row and inside that that row I have 2 virtual editors widgets. Inside one widget, I have the “bbPress Form list”. In the other widget I have added this bit of code. “[bbp-forum-index]”

    When I go to I see a page that has the Page Attributes, forums list, and formatted exactly how I want it. Its when I click a forum topic that everything changes. The URL changes to and all formatting has been lost.

    Obviously this is not the behavior I want, but I have no idea how to ask to fix it or what is not working. I know I am not able to easily edit the And by edit I mean not able to add rows and widgets or able to change any page attributes. What I would like is when i go to that it carry’s forward any type of formatting I did for the page /mouse

    No idea if that makes any since to you guys. If it does, can you offer any suggestions or something I could look up to fix the issue? I am not sure what the exact problem is so its really hard to search for an answer! lol 🙂


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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