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Page with forum index shortcode not using page template

  • bbpress: 2.0-rc-5

    wordpress: 3.2.1

    theme: woothemes canvas 4.4.0

    I think I have not understood how to add bbpress to my site correctly.


    1. Installed bbpress plugin and in forum settings, set Archives Slug > Forums base to “community”.

    2. Created a page with slug “community” and added [bbp-forum-index] shortcode.

    3. Using widget logic plugin, added some sidebar widgets to display on this page.

    4. Visited /community page. My sidebars are not showing and looking at source code reveals page is using a forum archive template and not a page template.

    5. Changed page slug to something other than “community”. The page then displays the sidebars I have set. However, the breadcrumb navigation still links back to the /community forum archive page without my sidebars.

    How can I set things up so that the forum index appear on the page where I placed the shortcode and not on a different forum archive template page, and also have the breadcrumb navigation work correctly?

    Thanks to anyone for any suggestions.

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  • Now using bbpress 2.0.

    One last shot to see if someone could help me out with this, as I still am stuck.


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