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Page Titles of Topic Pages Need to Be Styled Differently

  • BuckyOHare


    The problem is topics tend to be much longer than forum names or general pages on my wordpress site and need to be styled differently than a default .entry-title css. I imagine this could be done with a filter or by altering a core file of bbpress. I don’t know how to create a specific filter for this job though.

    If I can’t do that then I’d like to be able to at least not display the topic title on the topic page but I can’t seem to differentiate .entry-title css from any bbpress specific page title attributes and end up just altering all wordpress page titles in the process.

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  • BuckyOHare


    I figured out how to do this and more, unfortunately I have found little documentation about using the extras folder in the BBPress template files and how really wonderful they are for advanced customization without the use of additional hooks.

    EXTRAS Folder located at:

    To increase the amount of items you can customize in your bbpress theme, copy pages from out of here and paste them into the folder:

    In this case I needed to customize the individual topic page titles so I copied single-topic.php from out the extras folder pasted it into the bbpress folder. Then I opened up my theme’s page.php file and compared which style, entry-content, and container tags needed to be pasted into the single-topic.php page. I then exchanged bbp_topic_title() for bbp_forum_title() and styled it with my default WordPress styling tags and placed the topic title below it in a smaller more reasonable font than my site’s default .entry-title style.

    The end result is the topic page displaying the forum name up at the top in the site-standard page styling with the topic title below it in a smaller reasonable font, as topics are generally WAY LONGER and should not be styled with the site’s main title styles by default.

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