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"Page not found" error

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  • 1. I dropped the custom theme and activated TwentyTen – still the same error

    2. Refreshed the Permalinks – still the same

    What do i do wrong? Pretty please.



    This is just a stab in the dark, but it looks like there is a URL problem.

    The URL to your forums topics are missing a trailing slash /.

    What permalink structure are you using? It may be because you’ve installed into a subdirectory also (

    Any further detail may help.

    I’m using numeric permalink structure.

    Well, i installed my test environment into that subdirectory. But the links see to be created nicely and logically:

    to the forum

    to the topic

    even if i add a trailing slash at the end of a link, it doesnt work anyway.

    I am completely lost here. I have read every post in this forum about the similar problems, but never saw an insuring answer :(



    Are you using BuddyPress? If so, are you using the forum component?

    What are your settings in Dashboard > Settings > Forums for Archive Slugs & Single Slugs?

    Are there any potential BuddyPress link errors (if BP is indeed installed)?

    Have you (un)prefixed your forum with the forum slug/changed any settings in this area?

    Have you tried accessing the forums/topics via the original fuglylink? ( [where ### is the ID of the forum/topic]).

    Lastly, are there any other plugins activated?

    Nope, im not using buddypress.

    All the Forum settings are default, i didnt change anything after instalation.

    Archive Slugs

    Forums base forums

    Topics base topics

    Single Slugs

    Forum Prefix checked

    Forum slug forum

    Topic slug topic

    Topic tag slug topic-tag

    Reply slug reply

    User base users

    View base view

    I tried to access the forum via the original link But that links changes the line in the address bar to the nice address and it still gives 404 error.

    regarding the other plugins, true i have 26 plugins active, which i all use.

    Are there any known conflicts with other plugins? Just to know before i will make a clean install.

    Thank you



    Well at this point in the stack I’m calling a theme or plugin issue.

    I’d start with plugins. Deactivate and see if anything changes.

    If yes, find culprit plugin and remove/find replacement. If no, move to theme related issue.

    So the contents of your child theme folder somewhat follows:


    And these files all represent files from /bbpress/bbp-themes/bbp-twentyten/{files}?

    If so, you’ve created a PAGE, with either the bbpress shortcode or page template?

    Have you tried the bbpress packaged theme?

    I don’t personally know of any directly conflicting plugins with bbpress, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. It still seem’s URLish to me. .htaccess maybe.

    Either way, the last thing you’ll want to do, i’m guessing, is a fresh install. We’ll try to get you there before that’s the (possible) solution.



    I’ve been developing WP for some time, but this is our first buddypress/bbpress project. Having the same problem described above.

    WP 3.2.1

    Buddypress 1.5

    Created a “forums” page with shortcode which correctly shows the forum index. Clicking on a specific forum works as well, showing list of topics within that forum. The 404 comes when clicking on a specific topic. I’ve assigned the topic to the specific forum. The resulting url seems to be correct

    mysite/forums/specificforum/topic title

    I’ve also found that I have the “create new topic” form on the specific forum, when I submit the topic I get the page-not-found, but if I navigate back to the forum the new topic is indeed listed.

    Any help is MUCH appreciated!

    @grafics: It really seams that you have to chmod you .htaccess file to 777

    @travishill: The most strange thing has happened.

    i once again unchecked “Prefix your forum area with the Forum Base slug”

    and the links started working

    but at the same time the forums stopped using my custom templates and reverted to the templates from the child bbpress theme

    I checked the checkbox back, and the links still work. But the templates did not revert to my custom templates :)

    I see that many people in this forum, who have this problem, eventually get it solved, but they cannot explain how :)

    Going fishing my template now…

    David Decker


    Back in summer I had similiar issues with the betas and RC’s… When I had templates in theme/child theme and combined bbPress functions.php with my theme/child theme’s functions.php I had problems with still enqueueing the scripts from the included bbPress-twentyten, so I just removed these lines of code from my combined functions.php and got it working. After that my template files/css etc. were called and used correctly.

    It’s only a suggestion to just check the source code of your forum index what stylesheets and what scripte are loaded from what source. Then compare it with the calls from the functions.php files. Maybe you can find some issue…

    I didn’t liked all these combining and integrating so I just added some css rules to my theme stylesheet (most with “!important” but I don’t care that much about this…) and left all other on default bbPress which worked best for me :)

    Hope this helps a bit, Dave :)



    Took a shot based on comments on this board and all now seems to be well.

    I unchecked the forum prefix and set the forum and topic (single slugs) to forum and topic. Single topic is now displaying correctly and using the custom buddypress child theme.

    If it makes any difference, this is a buddypress/bbpress plugin install. I have not moved any bbpress files into my child theme.

    Thanks to everyone for all the good advice!



    So I thought we had the 404 issue resolved, but not quite. Forum Directory showing (used short code on page) and links from there to primary forums works just fine. I have now discovered that child forums get 404 error. Updated permalinks, tried default theme, still no luck. Tried making the “parent” forum a category, no joy that way either.

    Tried moving the bbp-twentyten template files into child theme (and adding theme support to functions.php) and everything went haywire.

    One thought is to use pages with shortcodes for the child forums, but this site is going to have tons of child forums so that is not an appealing option and would not be user friendly for the client.

    Any ideas?



    For anyone having this problem in the future – the sub-forum issue was due to a plugin conflict.

    Your forum was indexed on google before, so there are still in the index.
    Try google search to see how to remove them using the webmaster tools.

    Just an example:


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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