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  • laughmaster


    Hello all. I am having a few problems lately on a fresh install.

    Well perhaps fresh is not the right word. I installed bbpress but then uninstalled it and installed buddypress. But I did not like not being able to create categories. Well, at least not the way I wanted to anyways. So I deleted buddypress and tried to change back to bbpress. Here is where the problem starts.

    I kept getting the error “Page not found!” when I would go to But it would show a login box. I did some searching here and decided to drop all “bb_” tables in “myadminphp”. That sort of fixed it. I was able to then run the install page at So I thought I was all set. But once the install was finished I was right back where I started from. I have a feeling there is some little piece of buddypress hanging around somewhere in my site but I am not sure where.

    You can view my main site at and the forums at http:///

    I will just try to leave it alone for a little while, while I wait for some replies here.

    I await your advice and thank you in advance.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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