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Page 2 goes to wrong forum

  • SickSquirrelTwo


    WordPress with bbPress. Just got this post:

    Clicking the link to go to page 2 of the General Discussion forum or the Introduce Yourself forum directs one to page 2 of the Favorite Cuisine thread (which actually has no posts).

    So I went to check, and he’s part-right. General Discussion is fine but Introduce Yourself takes me to another forum but not the one he landed on. I tried five times and always the same one came up.

    (I left, tried again and realized the topic it goes to is up on page one in the first ten posts. Page two should bring up the eleventh post).

    I checked the topic I landed on and all settings are fine in the admin area.

    (I won’t post the URL as it isn’t for all ages) but any idea what could be wrong?

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  • freshwater


    i have the same problem. i’ve used the EXACT same word/string “AIRE” for example in multiple category child levels. i’d guess this is the problem bbpress should internally modify to make category names unique (at give me an error message when i attempt to create a category child which name already exist (but in a different category/forum path).



    this worked for me. i have WP 3.6 and plug in BBpress. in WP go to Settings>Permalinks i changed from “Default” to “Post name” and now my links are working fine.



    My Permalinks ARE set that way. If the big boss doesn’t stop in I’ll have to email him. This error needs to be fixed. I think (I have virtually no memory due to illness) I changed posts per page from 10 to 25. It’s new so there aren’t 25 posts per forum yet.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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