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overflow on template in IE

  • I am using the Misty Morning template and changed the overflow to auto from hidden on the container properties. This was to accommodate the Private Message plugin which was too wide for the template.

    Now in IE there is a scroll bar whether it is needed or not and yet in doesn’t scroll on long threads. The posts are pushed over to the left.

    Is there a better fix to accomodate the PM plugin? or to make IE scroll properly?

    site here

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  • I can’t edit the title but it turns out the problem is with using the li tags. They completely screw up the page when used in a post viewed with IE.

    And while I would like no one to use IE that isn’t a choice. :)

    ok got it. Everything is fine as long as li is used within ol or ul



    An <li> always need to be within an <ol> or <ul>. You can always validate your page here and it will point out errors like that.

    seems a bad idea then to offer it as a tag for posting when many do not know that and can break your board through code errors.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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