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Other users can edit my profile details – how do I stop this?

  • chezsheles



    We’ve got a demo set-up running a site that uses both bbpress and memberpress. We’re pretty close to being able to move this to the production site, but in running through what a user/member would be experiencing, we noticed that logged-in users are able to view the forum (we have one forum, many topics) just fine. They/we can click on another user’s name that is linked to their bbpress profile — and we can edit another person’s profile details.

    Memberpress told me to use a rule to restrict access, but I don’t see how to block it unless the Edit portion on a profile page is a specially named post? I’ve tried and don’t seem able to block it. They are unable to tell me what else to do.

    bbPress version 2.5.14
    wordpress version 5.1

    Any help in this matter would be so appreciative.

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