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  • jetfalcon



    This may be very basic, so apologise to the wizards in here. I have installed bbpress and would like to keep the original CSS for the bbpress. Right now it automatically adjusts to the theme, and as I have some yellow text in the theme (black bg), it just doesn’t look nice in the forum. I have installed the CSS plugin for bbpress, so I can adjust the CSS directly in the editor, but I assume it must be possible to get the original CSS for the plugin displayed directly?


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  • bbPress applies it’s own CSS, but your theme’s CSS will always interact with that.

    There is no way to load only the bbPress CSS and prevent your theme from changing with that.

    The best thing to do is either modify you theme’s CSS to fit with bbPress, or copy the bbPress CSS file into your theme directory and modify it to use more specific CSS selectors so your theme CSS won’t override it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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