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Organic Square, my powerfull BBPress hack.

  • peter-hamilton


    Hi all, I have been playing on and off with WordPress, BBPress and Buddypress, mostly to build my own company website.

    I have almost completed my quest to make BBpress as functional and user friendly as any other major, paid for, forum software offers, and I think I have even improved to my own preference and proven that BBpress is capable to be better then any commercial package.

    Please review my website, I have a demo account as you need to be logged in for all the plugins and hacks to be visible.

    I have added quite a few plugins and function snippets, I do not know how to code php or javascript, just basic html and css for the rest I cut and paste until it works, although I do understand what I am looking at with php after 4 years of cut-and-paste…lol

    username: demo
    passowrd: demo2017

    Just to let you know, I breed hybrid strains of medicinal Cannabis so you will find this content on my website!!

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  • peter-hamilton


    Here are a few screenshots:

    Category pages show titles of last reply/post.
    Organic-Square: Categories

    Topics can hold images and have a like system.
    Organic-Square: Topics

    Profile pages are beefed up a bit.
    Organic-Square: Profiles

    Activity wall with likes, images and forum list on left side.
    Organic-Square: Activity



    Good job! It seems you got inspiration 😈 lol

    I suggest redirect login page after login because you see an empty page with bbpress link on top.



    Hi @arutam

    I tried to get to that empty page but my login redirect works for me and few others, we are redirected to the activity page.

    The only way to get to that page is to type that actual url once logged in.

    It seems I need to do a little study on how to make that page look different when already logged in.

    Thanks for pointing it out.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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