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Open forum on it's own page

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to browse to the complete forum? I mean to a page that has no latest discussions, just the forum and its subsections.

    If I browse to domain/forum.php I’m being redirected to the frontpage. The frontpage has latest discussions and below that you have the forums and its subforums.

    I want a page with only the forums, so I can put on my frontpage the latest discussions and in th navigation a link to the forums.


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  • Why not move the Forum to the top and Last Discussion to the bottom in the front-page.php file?

    No, I don’t want a lot of things on the frontpage of the website (/index.php), so that’s why I want a separate page for forum, but I don’t know how to show the complete forum in a separate page.

    I tried adding &view=all to the url, but it’s not helping or I’m doing it wrong.

    I’m still trying to create a separate page, where only the forum will be visible. No luck so far.

    If you’re trying to get the forum list on the front page visible without anything else, just put something like:

    <?php if( !isset( $_GET[ 'forumsonly' ] ) ) : ?> after <?php if ( $forums ) : ?> in front-page.php, then before <?php if ( bb_forums() ) : ?> put <?php endif; // forumsonly ?>.

    That would allow you to put ?forumsonly in the URL to turn off the extra bits of the front page.

    The other option would be to copy index.php into a new file and change the template it loads to something else and take out the parts you don’t want in there, but if bbPress changes anything in index.php in a new version, you’d miss out on the changes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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