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Only show Forums/Topics user has access to

  • stonebkfly


    We are implementing bbPress to add private forums to LearnDash courses. We are using the LearnDash bbPress Integration plugin.

    When a logged in user views the /forums page or the /topics page they see all forums and topics. (We are using Visibility: Private for forums) even though the user does not have access to the forums or topics due to the LearnDash Integration plugin. I asked LearnDash if they know a way to hide the ones that the user does not have access to. They said that they did not know, and that I should contact bbPress support.

    Is there a way that I can programmatically add a per user filter for the following shortcodes: [bbp-forum-index], [bbp-topic-index]? I would like to inject logic that would exclude records based on the currently logged in user.

    Any ideas would be appreciated! I may need to write my one shortcode but did not want to reinvent the wheel if I do not need to!

    Thank you!

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