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Only the first user can write a tag?

  • lrmo



    Is it possible to change the topic tags so, that only the topic creator and the moderator can change the tags?

    Or after creating the topics, the tags can only be changed automatically by the moderator.

    Since every spammer can change the tags, which makes the tags unusable.

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  • PinkishHue


    In the topic form template you should be able to add a conditional around the tags input to say IF the post is being edited and IF the current user is a moderator/author of the topic, then show the input, otherwise don’t. Hope that helps somewhat, I know it’s not a solution per se.



    I had only thought that this is perhaps a bug, or I did not see a setting. I then started with the adjustments, only I have determined, the adjustments take no end …

    There are so many things missing – and so much code which must be added to make it “usable”.

    The worst is the lack of proper moderation and the fast possibility to delete spam, as well as a fast support possibility. It is unfortunately not optimal always to be afraid I need help or not. Here is perhaps a payment support for bbpress optimal, which provides quick help.

    That is why I have now decided to use Xenforo, which is good with Xenword in WordPress. Does not work with Buddypress, but this is not so bad.

    Thanks for that I received at all from someone an answer 😉
    And I know that the support does this in his spare time, so as I mentioned above perhaps a payment support set up!



    I Also Thanking, faced same issue but now found solution.
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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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