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Only admins can post links (2.6 Beta 2)

  • Jens


    When a regular user writes a post and uses links like with the editor, the post is not saved and published. As an admin I can use links like before I installed the 2.6 Beta 2.

    My work-around: Deavtivated the editor in the settings of bbPress (“_bbp_use_wp_editor”).

    It works, when ones uses HTML without the editor. So it seems to be an an issue of the editor.

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  • Could you expand on some of the configuration setup you’re using here please?

    What version of WordPress are using?

    I think you’re talking about the “front end” editor like here on

    Or maybe you’re using a plugin to enable TinyMCE, if so what plugin is it?

    The above info should help us to reproduce the issue if you could please @jesus-1 🙂



    Sorry, Stephen! Looks like I didn´t get a notification for your reply. Thanks anyway!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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