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Only Administrator can view Private Forum

  • Chris Prakoso


    Wordpress 3.5.1
    Buddypress 1.7.1
    BBpress 2.3.2
    Members (Plugin) 0.2.2

    Dear All,

    I am trying to setup BBpress forum for my Buddypress website. I think I have all the latest version of each software as you can see above. The website is mostly member only, including the forum. This forum is set as a global forum, I don’t have forum for BP Group, in fact I turn off BP Group functionality all together as we don’t need it.
    The goal is to set the forum so only registered and logged-in member can view and interact with it.

    My main problem right now is as follows:

    1. I logged-in as an Administrator and created a Category (or Forum) and I set it as Private.
    2. I checked if this user can see the forum, and it does.
    3. I logged out and logged in as one of the member, which has WP Role as an Editor.
    4. I went to the Forum and expecting that the user can see the Category that the admin had created. But instead I got ‘Oh bother! No forums were found here!’ message.
    5. Then I went to check the capabilities of the Editor role using the Members plugin, and confirm that Editor has read_private_forums checked.
    6. I went to the Users management page (having relogin again as Admin) and change the member’s Forum Role to Keymaster.
    7. Went back in as the member, still can’t see the category. Admittedly this was a long shot because I read somewhere that Forum Role doesn’t have any effect these days.
    8. Then I went to the Users management page (having relogin again as Admin) and change the member’s Role to Administrator.
    9. Went back in as the member, and now I can see the Category.

    Obviously this in not the behaviour that I expected. I searched high and low on the net, and didn’t seem to find an answer for this.

    Anybody has any idea what might causing this? I’ve been on this problem for almost a week now, and still haven’t found a solution. Asking in this forum is my last resort, so any pointer would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Chris Prakoso

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