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One forum only shows as ‘logged out’ on page 1, the rest ‘logged in’ – strange

  • Jarstan


    One forum only shows as ‘logged out’, the rest ‘logged in’ – very strange

    Strange behaviour on bbPress when logged in, but only on a certain Forum. On my site there are 6 main forums:

    Coarse And Match Fishing
    For Sale/Wanted
    Match Results
    Carp Fishing
    Sea Fishing
    Fly Fishing.

    On For Sale Wanted [ ] only, and none of the others the bbPress Topic Listing page shows the user a Logged Out when they are infact Logged In. To add to this, it only occurs on Page 1 of the Toipic Listings as if you go to Page 2 or onwards it changes to Logged in. You can see this in the screen shots here:

    The problem is that logged in users wanting to post a new Topic (in this case put something on For Sale) cannot do so as the Create New Topic link and input area does not display unless you go to Page 2. Most users will of course not know this.

    Any ideas on what is happening and a fix? Thanks – JJ

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  • Jarstan


    Now fixed. It was a caching issue at the server level.

    Robin W


    @jarstan ok, I’ve deleted all the posts on the other thread – so let’s run with this one.

    I am suspecting you are meaning the ‘login’ ‘register’ etc. links beside the breadcrumb?

    If so I suspect that these are being added by another plugin – maybe bbpress login links?

    If so, then you need to direct your support question to them.

    If not – then come back and I’ll see if I can help further

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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