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Old Posts Won’t Load, Just Sits There Trying

  • vypersden


    I have old posts that won’t load, the browser just sits there trying to. They seem to be posts that were migrated, around 6 months ago. Newer posts don’t have a problem. I can edit the post in the backend.

    I tried changing types of permalinks, used the forum repair tool, and lots of reading and can’t figure it out.

    I am a newbie with this, so if it’s obvious, please let me know.

    WordPress 4.4
    bbPress 2.5.8

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  • Robin W


    example of one that will and one that won’t please

    As @robin-w said, some examples would be useful. Are the ones that do not load in the same (sub)forum as the ones that load correctly ? When more or less did the issues start ?



    @casiepa – The above reply with examples, I took them from the same forum. I just noticed it recently. When looking at the date of the post, it seems about the time we had migrated our Kunena forum (on Joomla) to our WordPress site using bbPress, about 6 months ago.

    However, I can not verify 100% that they were working at the time after migration as nobody reported it nor did I have a real need to check it.

    Although, I can edit it from the backend, so I figure it’s got to be there somewhere, just can’t get to it from the frontend.

    I’m puzzled …

    You are running into an redirect loop. Global advises found are to check your .htaccess file for redirects, review any plugin for redirect, review your php and wp ini files, make sure permalinks are not having conflicts (like the same name for category base and tag base).

    There seem to be some known issues also if running on IIS on Windows.

    Globally speaking I must say that your site seems slow, so there might be some general issues with redirects (maybe you are a subdomain of a real domain ?)

    But I don’t really have a clue, can just give some things to check…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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