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  • principiante


    After sucess import (wordpress tool) of forums, topics and replies and import to other page, topics are missing on forum pages.
    Here is a main forum page
    If open any of them, got message “Oh bother! No topics were found here!” (¡Vaya, no hay debates aquí!)
    In wp backend all forums, topics and replies are listed.
    I found here in bbpress forum similar problem from 2015 where installing some plugin that was developed by user on this forum Robin W. was solving the problem but that plugin not exist anymore.
    Anyone can help me?
    Thank you

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  • Robin W


    so moving bbpress forums between 2 websites is really very hard, and requires preparation on source site and extraction of meta data on target site.

    the wordpess export/import tools are not sufficient.

    the last time I did it I ended up with a 57 stage process, and I’ve still not found anyway to describe to someone not versed in bbpress how to do this.

    sorry beyond free help, but if you’d like me to help on a paid basis, contact me via

    Contact me



    Thank you Robin…theoretically, i’m not moving bbpress between 2 sites.
    I’m doing redesign of my site, index page, pages, posts…and will leave forum as it is…without changing anything.
    Here is “old” site


    and bbpress is on
    Here i’m doing re-design:
    and need to move forum to
    When finish with site, will migrate all to
    Forum wil have the same domain and url structure like it have now.
    Will be great if I can somehow left all content as it is right now and just sustitute with new content…but it seems to be impossible.
    What if I move new page content to and then import forums, answers and topics?
    Maybe will be much easyer becouse domain and instalation file is the same like it was when all was exported…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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