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Oembed preview fails when linking forum topics

  • piccart



    I am having a problem with the oembed content cards when I try to link a forum topic. The preview fails and the oembed url pulls the entire page within the iframe rather than the preview..

    I thought it could have been a conflict with a plugin, but then I tried to link a post from this forum and the embed url didn’t work either…
    by instance this is a random post from this forum:

    Copy Link in Forum. WP logo inside

    and as you can see the embed endpoint is failing to serve the preview and serves the page itself within the iframe:

    We have the latest version of wp and bbpress, and I’ve been told that in the past the card was rendering correctly for forum topics too..

    Any help would be really appreciated!
    thanks in advance!

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  • piccart



    I’m sorry if I am bumping this topic but is there a place where I can report a bug to the developers?

    I mean that this is clearly a general bug and it’s happening in this very forum too. More than some help for myself, I rather need the developers to be aware of this issue and schedule some debugging/fix.

    many thanks!



    We are having this same issue!

    Did you ever get an answer to this?

    We have very few plugins running on our site and we’ve tried disabling pretty much all of them but to no avail.

    Please let me know if you received an answer.




    the bug is happening even here on this forum (see the link-preview in my first comment here), so I really doubt that the issue is caused by a conflict with another plugin.

    In any case no, I haven’t received any answer to this problem, nor anybody provided a contact where I could report this bug to the developers.
    And as you can see the bug haven’t been fixed yet, but that’s not surprising as apparently there is no way to report the bug to them…

    Robin W


    John James Jacoby


    It’s true that forums/topics/replies do not have their own embed templates.

    I’m honestly not sure if linking them works at all. I’ll give it a try here:



    ok thanks, I’ve created a ticket to report the bug:



    just a note about my first post in this topic and the example that is in there.

    If you look at this on Chrome you will actually see the linked full page which is pulled in the iframe, just below the link box but then overflow:hidden and therefore it doesn’t overflow the reply-box. Though it does overlap and hide the second part of that comment…

    if you look at it in Firefox the page preview will be hidden entirely, but the iframe is there and it does load the full page (which might cause many problems, starting with increased loading time, but also script conflicts etc..)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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