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Oembed bbPress 2.1

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    If I insert a youtube url into a topic, instead of seeing the video, I see the link.

    I did go into the settings and turned on oembed, both in the WP settings, and the forum settings.

    Here is where it gets REALLY WEIRD:
    I have the ability to switch the template on a per topic basis. If I switch away from using the built in bbPress theme and switch to a standard template, then the video shows up.

    If I then edit the topic again, and choose to go back to the bbPress template, then the youtube video shows up just fine….

    Is something wrong with the default bbPress 2.1 templates when it comes to oembed?
    Not even sure how a template would have anything to do with it

    I can replicate this issue quite easily as I can never see the video via bbPress, until I edit the individual topic template, and then revert back….


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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