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Odd user error

  • Gewitty


    I’m running WP 4.9.1 with the Sport theme and BBPress 2.5.14

    Everything works OK, but I have one user who has persistent problems posting. Every time he attempts to post a message, he gets an error saying, ‘ERROR your topic cannot be created at this time”.

    This does not happen with any other users and the problem persists even after I deleted his account and created a new one with a different ID and password.

    This would seem to point to some external cause, originating on his PC, but I can’t figure out what. I did suspect that he was possibly drafting his posts in MS Word and then copy/pasting them into his posts, which could have included MS control codes, a problem I’ve encountered before. However, after getting him to enter text directly in a new post, the same error message appeared.

    This one has me stumped. If anyone has seen anything like it before, or has any ideas about what the cause is, I would be very grateful to hear.

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  • Robin W


    have you tried logging in as him to see if you get the problem? That would eliminate lots of bits



    I can log in as him and post successfully.

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