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Odd sub-domain + bbPress problem

  • Michael3185


    (I’ll shorten the domain name, etc., for readability)

    I had a forum set up on a sub-domain which worked fine. The bbPress files were in my server space at public_html/ABC.

    I wanted to change the sub-domain name, but not trash and re-upload the bbPress installation. So, I just changed the bbPress files folder to XYZ, and the sub-domain which points to it to When I browse to that address, the log-in page shows, but when I log-in it jumps to, and just keeps doing the same on logging-in from there.

    It’s obviously not having a problem finding the bbPress files via the new sub-domain name and content folder, but I can’t find out why it keeps trying for the old sub-domain name. There doesn’t seem to be a link to it in any obvious file. Stumped.

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  • My login.php form posts to the following url:

    <form method=”post” action=”<?php bb_option(‘uri’); ?>bb-login.php”>

    Did you change your bbPress Address here?



    Just tried that, but it jumps to and shows a cPanel page with;

    Great Success !

    Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server


    What is your bbPress Address set to now?

    And do you mind posting a link to your forum, to help with troubleshooting?



    No worries. It was but I didn’t like it much, so it’s now

    I’ve checked the sub-domain, which is pointing to talkzen, and the old talkspirit one is deleted via cPanel. That was all done perhaps 4 or 5 hours ago, so shouldn’t be a server filter-through issue.

    Thanks for taking the time.

    Your database is still storing variables pointing to… so your header area is still pointing to talkspirit URL’s.

    Check out this call to your css file:

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” type=”text/css” />

    Here’s the code that generates that (in my header.php at least):

    <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”<?php bb_stylesheet_uri(); ?>” type=”text/css” />

    You should be able to fix this using phpmyadmin. Try running this query to find the row you need to change:

    SELECT * FROM bb_topicmeta WHERE meta_key=’uri’

    Then edit the row so that the meta_value for that row is the url for your new site…



    Yay – genius! Many thanks. Hope the topic is of use to another as well.

    Sweet, glad it’s working now! :-)

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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