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Obtaining a Forum Listing in a Custom Sidebar Widget

  • Okay, so I’ve been asking around and it would seem that no one has any answers for this. I’m hoping that the Key Master will assist. I need to correctly modify / call the Forums List into a Sidebar Widget. The Widget has four tabs(this is why I can not use your stock Widget). I have it working but I do not have something right as when you are in the Topics List for any Forum the Categories tab of my Widget shows nothing at all and then when you’re actually reading a Topic the Categories tab reads ‘Oh bother! No Forums Found.’

    What I’ve done so far is copied BOTH loop-forums.php AND loop-single-forum.php, renamed them, modified loop-forums.php(the new modified version is what my sidebar Widget is calling so the original forums remain unaffected by all of this) so that it calls my new loop-single-forum.php, and finally I’ve removed all the bits from loop-single-forum.php that I did not want and / or need to display in my sidebar Widget.

    As I said, this DOES work but there are two specific screens(in the Forums area, oddly enough) that my sidebar Widget is not functioning properly on. Any thoughts as to how I can properly modify loop-single-forum.php so that it will properly work? Any assistance would be most appreciated, thank you for your time.


    p.s. You can see this Widget in action (or lack there of), if it helps at

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