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Numbered Posts

  • citizenkeith


    I’d like to have the post number shown for each post. I’m hoping that bbPress already has this functionality, and I would need to do is insert some code into my template. Or do I need a plugin?

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  • It has post numbers, but they aren’t like 1, 2 ,3 etc. Every post (doesn’t matter in what part of the forum) get’s a number when it is created, so if you want to show these form 1 post you will get someting like: 10, 15, 28 etc (do I make any sence?)

    Perhaps a plugin can add a counter starting at the top post with 1, but you wouldn’t be able to link to this post with that nr if you want to do that…

    Actually I think it does work. There was something I saw here about the OLs in threads having startnumbers (which didn’t validate was the point, I think), implying that you could change the OL styling and possibly display the (in the context of the thread) proper post numbers. I’ll look into it, if someone else doesn’t already know?

    The post_position in the bb_post table has the correct number for each post. I don’t know much about php, but I made a little plugin for my forum, which seems to work.

    function get_post_num() {
    global $bb_post;

    function post_num() {
    global $bb_post;
    echo $bb_post->post_position;

    I just place post_num() where I wanted it to show. Hope this helps?

    I believe that if you attach this to your CSS file:

    ol#thread li {
    list-style-type: decimal;

    you would see the post numbers without any extra code, certainly the most elegant method. There is likely already a definition for ol#thread, so you could simply add this property to that one. Bear in mind that this is entirely untested (will try it when I get home).



    I used fel64’s CSS solution. Makes perfect sense (smacks his forehead… “Doh!”). Thank you!

    You can in fact replace decimal with many funky things.

    From w3 schools:

    • none
    • disc
    • circle
    • square
    • decimal
    • decimal-leading-zero
    • lower-roman
    • upper-roman
    • lower-alpha
    • upper-alpha
    • lower-greek
    • lower-latin
    • upper-latin
    • hebrew
    • armenian
    • georgian
    • cjk-ideographic
    • hiragana
    • katakana
    • hiragana-iroha
    • katakana-iroha

    Still haven’t tried it myself, just about to :P

    Better yet, find the entry #thread in your style.css file and change the list-style entry there. It makes for nicer code. :)



    Thanks… that is indeed where I made the change. :)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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