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Number of users error

  • Hi all,

    The installation of the forum went really well and it seems to have integrated with my blog with all the users being able to log in and post but in the admin pannel there’s a bit of a quirk. I only have 57 members but at the top it’s stating that I have 309 and offering 1,2,3 …7 to view them all. When I click on page 2 I see 7 users, anything after that it gives me an error (no users found).

    Any ideas what this is about – should I be worried about something or is this just a glitch? >> picture of what I see

    Cheers, Jamie

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  • _ck_


    Do you happen to have phpmyadmin (it also comes with cpanel which alot of people have).

    That would allow you to examine the users directly and see if there is a database issue.

    What version of WP do you have installed by the way?

    I think – if I remember this right – that it’s a known issue caused by the pagination using the total number of accounts ever created instead of the number existing now and that it’s fixed in the latest.

    If you have phpMyAdmin, can you check the ID of the latest member? If that ID is 309, bingo.

    I’ve checked the database table. There’s 53 records with the latest being id=56

    WP Version 2.2.1

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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